Recycling a blog post from last year about new media jobs

I published this on the original WriterHeather blog last year:

I’ve noticed quite often lately that all the cool writing and journalism jobs are in what we call “new media,” or working in the realm of the Internet.  The majority of new jobs listed on are in the new media category.  Yet a friend of mine did something I think is insane–he took his first job out of college in print media at a small, local paper.  On one hand, this could be his last chance to enjoy the print industry.  I think it’s dying or at least shrinking to the point where job competition will be fierce.  The jobs of the present and future for those of us who are writers and journalists will require skills like SEO/SEM, podcasting, blogging, social networking, and video editing.  Can you create original content that no one else is doing?  Do you offer something no one else can?  This is where the future is headed.  Are you able to navigate around various social networks?  Do you understand why this is valuable knowledge?  Only time will tell as to whether or not my friend made the right decision for his career.  I am interested to see where he goes once he feels it is time to move on from the print news job.  I’m sure the print sensibility he is gaining will be useful wherever he goes.  Meanwhile, I continue trying to bridge traditional broadcast media with the internet between my jobs at both Westwood One and Bonneville International.


I wrote this August 17, 2008. I think it is even more true nearly a year later. I think today we’re all either:

1. New media journalists

2. Learning to be new media journalists, or

3. Wanting to figure out how to be new media folk of any capacity

We’re basically trying to adapt. There are fewer jobs in the media than ever; I have more friends out of work than I can find work for. And the friend I wrote about last year? No longer at that paper…

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