Who is changing the media game?

I give up.  Who is it?  The Huffington Post is asking this question and we get to vote on the nominees.  I hardly think of anyone making traditional media moves as a game-changer.  I’m learning towards the folks at The Atlantic for “treating its website as an extension of the brand.”  I’d like to see every traditional media business adopt this way of doing things.  Print and broadcast can benefit from evolving onto the web and finding new and non-traditional ways of creating revenue.

Who are the game changers in the media?  People like Gary Vaynerchuk?  How about Pam Slim?  I like people like Shira Lazar and iJustine.  All of these people have done something unique by combining their personal brand with several forms of media.  You can’t just be in one kind of media anymore–you have to expand.  I can’t just do radio and expect to survive.  I love radio, but I also want to change it.  The old models don’t work.  So who’s coming up with the new business model?  Who do you think the game game-changers are?

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