I’d like to take a few blog posts to explain why, after two years of full-time employment, I am yearning for my old life as a freelance writer.  The first idea I’d like to get across is that freelance writing, however scary it may be at times, is a completely sovereign activity.  That’s the first and most important reason why I loved it, why I now miss it.  I miss my sovereignty as a freelance writer and realize I have desperately been trying to recreate it with my blogs in my spare time.  I don’t care if I only make $1 per month as a freelancer, as long as I am doing it again.

What brought this on?  I was reading this just now after reading the new Seth Godin ebook, “What Matters Now.”

I realize I cannot extol the virtues of Seth Godin in all corporate environments.  Some dig it while the cultures of some companies don’t make for happy, energetic, and creative environments.  But I can do that on my own as a freelancer!  I can enjoy Seth’s ideas all I want when I’m on my own.  I can even fit reading Seth’s blog into my actual workday as something that adds value to my experience.  But in some corporate environments, people just don’t get this.

I am really loving Seth’s new ebook today and stopped at Hugh Macleod’s entry in it, which took me to his website…and I realize I live my life more in the Hugh Macleod way than in the corporate sheep way. I think I’ll be buying Ignore Everybody later.

But first, I have to get to work.  Creativity time is over so I can go make a CEO richer.

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