I finished my degree at Boston University!

I finally finished!  I’ve been attending the Boston University Executive Undergrad Degree Completion Program online since January 2007.  The program is run through BU’s Metropolitan College and is designed for adults who wish to finish their college degrees.  I was in my 20s when I began and I wasn’t even the youngest person in the EUDCP.  (Actually, I think they dropped the “executive” and just call it “UDCP” now).  We all began college somewhere and took a detour for whatever reason  —  jobs, kids, family, life.

Now I have a bachelor of liberal studies, or BLS, from Boston University.

There were semesters I sat out because of financial aid problems or because a class wasn’t available for me to take.  I moved three times during the program.  I went from working at home as a freelance writer to going back to work full-time outside the home.  People I loved passed away.  There was a point in the program where I worked three jobs during 19-hour days.  I even took my laptop and reading material on a Princess cruise ship once during a family vacation in order to complete my degree.  I even managed to pass a physics class despite having a math learning disability.  I probably lugged my laptop to more events in my life over the past three years than could ever be deemed “normal” or “healthy.”

But I finished.  Finally.

If I can do it, anyone can.  I encourage you to go back to school if you’re thinking about it.  You may even want to take a look at Boston University.  We’ve got one helluva hockey team.

Graduation is in May.  I’ll get a diploma.  But I think I’ve already had the best, most memorable day. It was March 2, 2010.  I submitted my final exam for my very last class at 11:57 a.m.  It was a happy feeling I will never forget!  Everyone should have the chance to feel like that.

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