Yes, I want an MFA in Creative Writing

I decided to apply at WSU for an MFA in creative writing. I have a busy life, so why torture myself with more college? I have a good job, I don’t need another degree. Right? If I don’t get in, then I figure it isn’t meant to be and that wouldn’t stop me from writing anyway. I’m not terribly attached to this idea in the sense that I “need” this in order to be a writer. 

I decided the reason to get a master’s degree in creative writing is simply for the benefit of the experience. I’ll meet more more writers and do more writing in an MFA program than I would otherwise. The WSU program is in my own backyard and is a top-25 underrated creative writing MFA. It appears to be well-funded and under the radar right now. I find it enticing to be able to be a part of something that is growing. Plus, being a Shocker would get me tickets to basketball games in the student section at Charles Koch Arena, wouldn’t it? 

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