No, I don’t want an MFA in creative writing!

Actually, I applied to WSU and I wasn’t accepted. In the time between sending in my materials to the school and having the rejection letter arrive in the mail, I was stressing. I was wondering how to handle my very busy radio career while in a three-year MFA program. I began to realize it was too much of a commitment for someone whose job takes more than 40 hours a week, most of which happen before the sun rises and on weekends… So although I was disappointed to not make it into WSU, I was relieved that I didn’t get in.

Some writer friends have told me the MFA is only truly for those who want to teach. If you want to write, skip the MFA. If you want to write, just write. What a novel idea…

So I’m just going to write my novel on my own. No MFA program to push me. No MFA program in which to gain experience. And I’m OK with this. Maybe I’ll do it at some other point in life. For now, I have a book to write.

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