The KWA is on Facebook

The KWA is on Facebook

You can join our Kansas Writers Association Facebook group by clicking here. 

It’s one way to keep up to date on what we’re up to as an organization. It’s also a good place for our president and members to post useful information about the craft of writing! Many of the KWA members also post information on their books, articles, blogs etc that they are promoting here. We also use this Facebook page to toss around ideas and ask one another’s advice.

Our KWA group is pretty diverse. We have writers of all ages, experience levels, and genres. Some are writing sci-fi, steampunk, fantasy, true crime, memoirs, mystery, historical non-fiction, religious-themed novels, etc. Some people have published many books and do this writing thing for a living, some like me are still on their first book. Some people have won NaNoWriMo every year, some have done it some years, some just don’t care. But there’s something for every writer in the KWA, I promise! 

–Heather Larson 

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