I am finishing the outline now! #WriteMotivation

I am a late bloomer. I am usually behind on the major things in life, like my 12-year college career and graduation at age 30. It took me so damn long to graduate from college, I graduated from online university…We barely had the internet when I graduated high school! I then didn’t bother to go to Boston to pick up my diploma. #WriteMotivation and completing a novel shall be no different.

So it took me until the 9th day of September to begin work completing my outline and character notes. To my surprise, the writing came through me, though it was only 400+ well-thought-out words. I would add to my notes, then review them. Each time, I discovered that I was actually paraphrasing an idea I’d written down long ago. I took this as a sign that the ideas are more firmly ensconced in my head than I thought they were. I’ll blow through this process a little faster now. That feels great!

In my defense, it’s not all procrastination. I am working on starting a Reiki business in the next six months so I am busy planning that and practicing on friends. I am also doing odd things like gracing billboards.

Here’s one:


4 thoughts on “I am finishing the outline now! #WriteMotivation

  1. ha! gracing billboards takes some creative effort, too. nicely done. i think procrastination and writers are drawn to each other like peanut butter and chocolate or maybe that’s just me obsessing about reese’s peanut butter cups, again. as long as you’re making some time to writer, even as little as fifteen minutes a day, you should make some great progress. if not, there’s always the day job to fall back on.

  2. Busy gracing those billboards, eh? WOW, that’s so cool! πŸ˜€ I loved what you said about paraphrasing ideas you’d written down awhile back… I never thought of that, but you’re right – when that happens, it’s a great sign that they’re really alive in there, and finding new ways to come out πŸ™‚ Good luck with both writing AND business planning!

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