#WriteMotivation for September is over. Let’s see how I did!

Horrible…right? Actually, I will say no.

Let’s recap. Here were the goals: 

1. Finish creating my final outline(s) for my YA novel — that means character outlines, location outlines, and the overall outline. This also means I must force myself to imagine it out completely and commit to what I create. And. Be. Done. With. It.

It was as though once I wrote this, it eventually sank in that the outline was just done. Or I am just done with it. I don’t recall altering more than a word here or there. It’s fine. Let’s let it go and move forward. Via con dios. 

2. Write a compelling first page.

I don’t know if I wrote a compelling first page, but I did write a first page. I almost kinda wanna post the first sentence. But I won’t. I guess I’m still scared. 

3. Write a compelling Chapter One.

I did that. I have to finish it. It contains 3,000 words. Notice my goal was “write a compelling Chapter One.” I wasn’t definite enough with that goal. I should have written “finish Chapter One.” 

4. Once those three things are accomplished, I shall keep putting one foot in front of the other…or…keep on hitting one key after the next on the keyboard. Those letters make words, the words make sentences…and several tens of thousands later…there will be a book.

Ok, so Chapter One is *almost* finished but not quite. Since I am no longer in the business of beating myself up (because I wouldn’t do it to another writer) I will say all goals are accomplished and it’s a new month. I do wish I’d dedicated more time to the novel and to reading other blogs belonging to #WriteMotivation participants. I also wish I’d replied in a more timely manner to those who had replied to my blogs! Onto a new month, new goals, new possibilities… 


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