12 Random Facts About Me

This was going around on Facebook and then my friend and fellow KWA member Brian Johnson pointed out that, “You should use that for your writer platform.” And he is correct! Do check out his site for his horror books here

So how about learning some random stuff about me just for stopping by my blog? Amusement is assured! 

1. Spent six years learning Krav Maga. 
2. I have a BLS degree from BU. 
3. I Love the smell of fresh cut celery. 
4. If my parents had never moved from the house in which I was born, I would have gone to high school with James Franco. Thanks a lot dad for that move to Arizona! 
5. My favorite class in school was always a language class. I even took Arabic for two semesters. 
6. My best Arabic sentence is “I live in a car.” 
7. #6 amuses me to this day. 
8. I lost count of the amount of times I dropped out of college –but, see #2. 
9. There was a solid 2 years of hardcore veganism back there somewhere…sorry veg friends but mamma tried. 
10. Ben Orr from The Cars was the nicest musician I ever met in this business and lives fondly in my memory for it to this day. 
11. My favorite places to drive in are the Mogollon Rim from Phoenix to Winslow and Niles Canyon from Fremont to Pleasanton, California. 
12. I do not remember the weekend my cousin got married in Vegas. The photos prove I had fun!

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