#WriteMotivation for January 2014

Ahh, January 1! What a day to set intentions, make resolutions… Well, I did that today. Six of us ladies gathered at sunrise to set our intentions in a sacred ceremony at the time of the new moon. So I am on fire to get things done today! The whole town seems closed and everyone is asleep, but here I am at my favorite coffee shop ironing out my writing goals for the next month. 


Here are my ##WriteMotivation goals for this month: 

  1. 1200 words a day on New Adult WIP (has no title yet) 
  2. See if I can’t come up with a title for #1
  3. Sort through years of poems to cull the ones I want to work on for my 1st poetry book 
  4. Continue work on new adult WIP
  5. Locate old writing portfolio or at least old writings to create a writing portfolio
  6. Find out which local magazines are searching for freelance material and come up with ideas to submit queries
  7. Submit one query to a magazine or website (locally) 

 The NA WIP currently has 16,212 words with a goal of 31,000… I made a small goal for it but have been working fast on it. I’d actually like it to be longer but that’s a good goal to surpass for now. 

It’s been a goal for some time to use iBooks author to self-publish a book of poems because I’ve written a million poems. I may as well shit or get off the pot on that one. 

I have a YA WIP that’s been on the back burner for  a month or so since I got the idea for the NA book. 

And…finally, I have lived in Wichita for three years now and not once have I written for a local magazine! I’m way out of the freelance writing habit. I’d like to get back into it.

Want to learn more about what Write Motivation is? Go here

10 thoughts on “#WriteMotivation for January 2014

  1. I do believe your goals are awesome. And you will kick butt because you have this amazing proactive energy (and not the facewash! 😉 ) YOU’VE GOT THIS!

  2. We’ve lived in Wichita almost exactly the same amount of time! Your goals are awesome and it sounds like a lot of progress. Congrats!

    1. It totally slipped my mind but the 10th was my 3rd anniversary of being on the air at Power 93.9! Everyone has an interesting story on how the got here…I arrived on January 10, 2011 in a blizzard for my first on-air shift. Not too exciting until you realize it was my first time ever driving ins now!

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