My poor little #NaNoWriMo2014 — it just wasn’t meant to be

My NaNo wasn’t meant to be for November 2014. I am sad. My heart hurts over it. What happened?



I got hit by a red-light runner on the 14th. That resulted in whiplash and this:


Very little typing has happened since then. I will still finish my NaNo, just not during the normal NaNo time. This car accident has put some things on hold. I’m supposed to be moving next week. I’m praying for a miracle there because nothing is really packed. I’d love to have a miraculous recovery and a lot of help. I know I at least have a lot of help.

I’m storing up my writing ideas for the moment when I can type 1,000 words an hour again.


Until then, this writer is spending a lot of time on the couch with my mascot, Alcatraz the Cat. More writing updates forthcoming!

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