Check out my other blog — “Everything Heather”

My other blog is more of a general one just for fun. It’s less niche than this one and my Reiki blog (which also serves as my business website). I’ve had this one for years, with heavy updates that began during my great job search of 2010. It’s called Everything Heather — making it more all-encompassing. If I had a niche blog for every interest I am passionate about, I’d have to update 30 blogs.

EH blog screenshot

Maybe someday I can live the dream and have those 30 blogs: 

*One for gluten-free food. (I’ll keep posting my kitchen trials, mistakes, and glories here).

*One about marathon running and fundraising for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. (I’ve been benched for 10 months from injuries etc).

*A yoga blog (because there aren’t enough of those).

*A Reiki blog — oh wait, I have one! But I’m such a nut I could start one about starting a Reiki business or simply teaching Reiki, which is a world unto itself.

*A spirituality blog because I’ll never stop seeking.

*One about my cat. He’s cute. It could be part photo-blog, part crazy cat lady blog. I’d end up blogging about Earthy home-made cat biscuits and how to make eco-friendly cat puke rug cleaner. See? Total cat lady.

*I can write a music blog, because there are definitely NOT enough of those… I could see it now, “Out of work radio DJ begins 8,387,234,001st music blog in cyber space! Complete with embedded SoundCloud posts, Mp3s, and — wait for it — giveaways!”

*An author blog, which may or may not somehow be different from this here “writing blog.” haha. This blog is my writing blog and “whore myself as an author” blog.

*As I am presently, today, unemployed, my wheels are turning about starting a blog about being unemployed. The highs, the lows, the fun… Because I am a writer, I have 100 ideas a minute. “I could chronicle my job search! And my friends’ searches and struggles too!” Yeah, no. I think it’s only interesting to us. Boring to everyone else.

Actually, one friend says the story of my life is inspiring and could help others. That will be on her blog. I’ll let you know when it’s up.


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