Available for freelance work

The craziest thing happened — I lost my voice and partially lost hearing in one ear. This is the freakiest thing that’s happened to me! It’s like those commercials for I-can’t-remember-what that go, “Life comes atcha fast!”

I wish I had a great story to tell, like, “I took a roman candle to the face.” No one who actually knows me would believe it. But it’s just an illness. It will improve. Until then…

I’m more than happy to provide silent work. I’ll be behind-the-scenes copy writing, blogging, and working on my Patreon.

I’ve begun applying for freelance, work-from-home jobs. So if you’re a recruiter or editor, hello!

If you’re looking for a writer, here’s my LinkedIn Profinder info.


I would love to hear about what projects you’re working on.

Here’s a list of the projects I have going:

  • My life coaching & Reiki Patreon page.
  • The website I founded for my coaching practice, DestinyArchitecture.com.
  • I’m creating my first online summit with friends — as soon as I get my voice back!
  • Getting into my second campaign as an Instagram micro-influencer soon — more info to come. Follow @heatherlarson.
  • Continuing to pour my social media strategy into Pinterest for Destiny Architecture. Did you know you can turn pinning into a job instead of a hobby? It’s an excellent way to drive traffic to your blog! I’ve been doing some new trainings on it, so I’m digging into a huge strategy change.
  • The rest…I can’t quite reveal.

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