I just don’t know enough about anything

Ever feel that way — like you just don’t know enough about anything? I feel this way all the time, but this is how I’ve always been. So I started signing up for classes online.

Anyone can sign up for these things, like the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Course offered by the USF Muma School of Business. I figure if I’m tired of seeing inequality everywhere, maybe I can learn what to do about it. Maybe I can be given the language and concepts to tackle it. You can join me, too. You have until March 24 to register.

There are also free classes with Google Skillshop. Why not snag all the free certifications? UDemy is awesome and I won’t admit to how many classes on SEO or random things I’ve signed up for on there. Then there’s Saylor Academy — which is free. Unlike Google or UDemy, you can actually turn Saylor courses into college credit. I just want certificates. (I already have a BLS from Boston Univesity).

Some of my friends are returning to school in the more traditional way — that’s just not me. I was enrolled as part of the second cohort of online students at Boston University’s MET college before it was cool to attend college online in 2007. One friend is joining me in taking yoga teacher training online. The pandemic changed our lives in so many ways, but one big way was that it showed us where we can change. There are places where we can build and improve. There are long, lost dreams we can go after now.

I’m one of those people who is disciplined about showing up to do my work, whether for an online class or yoga collective. The pandemic pushed me online more — but I chose to make it a “teachable moment.”

What about you? What are you choosing to learn lately? And what are your favorite online learning platforms? Let me know in the comments.

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