Check out this logo I designed!

I’ve truly never designed a logo for myself or anyone else before. After messing around with it in Canva for a while, I just wasn’t feeling anything I’d created. I tried out a half dozen different Canva logo templates to try and create a logo for my citizenship and travel website, Aspiring Expat.

I thought I wanted something simple in a bold typeface with just the two letters, A and E. But once I created it…NOPE. It just didn’t feel right. It was too generic and nowhere near the message I am trying to convey as I work to trace my Polish genealogy for the purpose of dual citizenship.

How could I make it NOT be another generic logo? I was under a self-imposed deadline to create the right logo before putting affiliate links on my site.

Then inspiration hit like a bolt of lightning and the Aspiring Expat logo was born:

What I created reflects a waving Polish flag, the plane I’ll fly in to get me to Warsaw (someday after the pandemic) and complimentary fonts. It’s “wheels up” on this new logo…which led me to completely redesign what I had in the site so far. I wanted to get the colors of Poland — red and white — to be seen as much as possible.

I’m not just an “aspiring expat,” I’m aspiring to be an expat in Poland. I can do only so much ancestral research from the United States. I also plan to connect my genealogical research to research about the fCJD mutation E200K, which my Polish ancestors brought to the U.S. I am the great-grandchild of Polish immigrants and proud.

The more I learn, the more I can take with me on my next trip back to UCSF to meet with Dr. Geschwind as I signed up to be a CJD research subject there — yes, a guinea pig. I do this for science. I do this for a cure!

What do you think? Should I start offering logo services along with all the writing and content creation I do?

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