What the world needs now…in music. Predicting the next trend.

It’s coming — the latest trend in music — and it’s one we need. Check out my latest pop culture post on Medium. Tap here.

I’m using my 22 years in radio to predict the next trend for this piece but it comes with a caveat.

Over the past two decades, the music industry has changed so much. Entertainment options have splintered off into thousands of different directions. I talk about charts here but don’t underestimate Tik Tok and the emergence of Clubhouse to influence the rise of new music.

This is an old theory I’m going off of about how music charts during economic changes. I am curious to see how it plays out in 2021 going forward when content is king — including music. I am not so certain the old theory will work this time around as the old means of getting new music to the consumer are dying — like radio. Was the old theory correct before because it was controlled by old radio and records business practices? Or will it continue to hold up during trying times even with new technology?

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