An example of content repurposing — blog edition

Here’s an example of content repurposing I‘ve done for my own blog, Destiny Architecture. This site is more than just a blog, it’s my life coaching website and e-commerce platform. I also post links to my podcast here, The Fearless 5. I haven’t recorded a new episode since January 14. I’m giving my lungs and voice a chance to heal after COVID-19 hit me pretty hard on January 25. I’m being very purposeful in my communication and talking only sparingly for now, up to a maybe 10-15 minutes a day.

This means I am choosing not to record any new podcasts right now. I decided to use what I have — which is 129 previously recorded Fearless 5 podcasts. I’m posting old episodes on my site’s blog but I am repurposing that content so the user still gets some value out of it.

This blog post I wrote today works to repurpose a podcast recorded in 2019 and is about 2,000 words. It’s broken up with headings, lists, graphics, an embedded podcast, bullets, numbers, embedded product, a service, and back links. It’s an SEO-friendly length with tons of supporting, best-practice features. I get geeked over this stuff! This post required intense writing and planning but it’s worth it to invest in long-term SEO but — more importantly — to give value to my audience.

I create my own graphics and do the writing myself — I never outsource to others. It’s my site, my words, my podcast, my brand. It’s an extension of myself combined with life experience, professional experience (I’m a certified transformational life coach with a 100-hour certificate), my journalism background, and everything I’ve ever learned about SEO since 2006.

I therefore have an edge when writing for myself. It’s easy for me to crank out a 2,000-word blog post with all the perks in half a day. I know the site’s mission, target audience, and I know the business inside and out because I created it.

When I do this writing for others, it doesn’t take me long to get out of them what I need to proceed due to my years as a journalist. Interviewing for the purpose of extracting information is second nature. Interviewing for the purpose of telling a story is an art. If I talk to you for a few minutes, I can get 1,000 words out of it. Talk a little more, and I’ll have about 2,000 words worth of material. Of course, in broadcast news, I never needed that much.

But when it comes to e-commerce, creating the story to sell your brand, services, and products is what puts you ahead of the competition with customers — and with search engines.

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TheWriterHeatherLarson [at] ProtonMail [dot] com

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