I’m Now Officially Certified In Social Media Marketing

Thanks to Hubspot Academy for yet another enlightening course! Now I’m certified in Social Media Marketing. See my certification.

This is yet another free certification I’ve obtained this year. You can do this, too. I highly recommend checking out all the free or low-cost digital marketing certifications available before you spend $6-7,000 on a college. You can read more about free or low-cost marketing certifications here in my last blog post.

This year, I’ve obtained the following:

  1. Content Marketing Certification – Hubspot
  2. Google Analytics Individual Certification
  3. Email Marketing Certification – Hubspot
  4. SEO Certification – Hubspot
  5. Google Workspace Certificate of Completion – Udemy
  6. Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion in the Workplace Certificate – University of South Florida Muma College of Business
  7. And now, this one:
Proud to be Social Media Certified by Hubspot!

Next up…I’m looking into what Twitter Flight School offers and will continue on at Hubspot and Saylor Academy. But now I’m interested in learning more about Google My Business and Google Ads. So I think Google Ads will be next.

Follow this blog as I’ll continue sharing about what I’m learning so you can also benefit. Maybe you’re wanting to change careers like I did or possibly you want to up-skill for a promotion or to start your own business.

Changing Careers & Looking for Certifications?

I had no idea there were so many free certifications available to help me pivot from journalism to digital marketing! I knew I had the writing skills but I realized no one is hiring just a “writer” anymore. I wanted a way to take my B2C social media and digital marketing experience from my years of working in broadcasting and turning it into something useful in the content creation space.

My last position was in broadcast journalism, a field that is pretty old-fashioned, corporate, and not open to innovation. So how could I take my “dead tree media” skills and “old school broadcast journalism” skills and leverage them into something that could land me a modern marketing job? Through certifications!

I am passionate about career pivots so I even talked about it on my podcast, The Fearless 5.

If I can help, let me know in the comments. Workforce Centers of South Central Kansas trained me in my para-social worker days on how to help my clients get jobs. I learned how to write resumes with keywords and I’ve applied that knowledge this year to my own LinkedIn profile. Good thing I got into SEO back in 2006! If I can teach convicted felons how to get jobs, I can help anyone.

So what questions do you have? Do you want to hear more about marketing certifications? Do you want to hear from others like myself who have pivoted out of old careers to better use their skillset and get paid more? (I am not the only broadcaster who decided to get into digital marketing). Do you want to know how to edit your LinkedIn Profile for 2021 job searching? Would you like some job interview tips? Let me know in the comments!

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