I earned my Inbound Certification from Hubspot Academy

I’m adding yet another certification to the pile! This time, I return once again to Hubspot Academy for completing my Inbound Certification. I love Hubspot! It’s one of my favorite places to learn online for free.

In true inbound fashion, I’d like to know what you’d like to hear more about on this blog. Here are some possible choices:

  • How I pivoted from broadcasting to marketing
  • WHY I got more into digital marketing in the first place
  • How to go from brick-and-mortar to work-from-home / location-independent
  • The differences in social media marketing between B2C and B2B
  • How I made DevOps my niche in B2B Saas
  • The benefits of working from home / location independence (and the very few pitfalls)
  • If I had “The Big Pivot” to do all over again, what would I change?
  • What makes journalists good hires and what makes them liabilities?
  • The importance of DE&I to company culture
  • How to grow a Patreon membership
  • My lightbulb moment in email marketing

There are so many topic ideas I could do…these are my most top of mind! Please comment with which ideas above your most interested or add one of your own.

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