New article published: “Work From Home? These 5 Online Yoga Classes Cover All Your Needs!”

I wrote this one for, and would love if you’d give it a read! My own lifestyle change of beginning to work from home in 2021 has influenced my writing. I work on a distributed team. We’re all around the world and some of us travel more than others. Most of us work in our homes. This article is for those of us who find ourselves working from home—and therefore are trying to find work-life balance.

If you can work from home, you can do yoga at home, too!

I’ve been using the past year of pandemic to earn my RYT-200 from home, online. I may have been further along by now if not for COVID-19, which took four months of my life.

As I got back on track with my yoga practice and teacher training studies, I gravitated toward writing about yoga for remote workers.

Yoga can be such a grounding practice for those of us who live/work within the same four walls.

Working remotely isn’t going away. There may be “hybrid workweeks” or other such buzzwords creeping in. But for this yogi, working from home is working out great.

I find more work/life balance working remotely. I don’t find that our team has difficulty communicating or getting to know each other. In fact, I think it’s forcing me to become a better communicator! We even held a Halloween party over Zoom.

I think remote work is bringing more opportunity for me personally and professionally.

But there’s also more time for my yoga practice! I think that’s the best part.

Since we’re all different, I wrote this article about yoga for remote workers to help with the many scenarios we may face as we work. Yoga helps relieve stress, relax tight shoulders, and even help us learn to deal with the unpredictability in our lives. I hope you enjoy these practices!

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