Thanks for listening to the Fearless 5 Podcast!

I appreciate all the listens in 2021!

Spotify Wrapped came out and I was pleasantly surprised to find out the Fearless 5 Podcast is getting so much love!

It’s extra special this year because the podcast didn’t happen for months. When I did start up again, that first podcast was pretty tearful as I told my story of surviving COVID-19 as one of my friends died from it. To say this was an exceptional year to run a “fearless” podcast would be an understatement!

The Fearless 5 Will Continue Strong Into 2022!

I’m going to return to the original format of 5 minutes a day, 5 days a week. But I will add longer podcasts in as bonus episodes. This way, I can do the interviews I want to do on the podcast without throwing out the 5 minutes/5 days a week format.

I’ll be the first to admit I haven’t followed this format! Turns out, I had a lot to say.

The podcast will return with new episodes as soon as figure out Anchor’s new video podcast capability with Spotify. I have no idea how to make my own videos aside from what I’ve made so far with Lumen5! I’ll be working on that this week as I learn Adobe Premiere. I may get frustrated and just give you YouTube thumbnails with audio… 😉

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