I joined 🚢 #Ship30for30!

I’m proud to announce I’m in the January 2022 cohort of #Ship30for30 led by Dickie Bush and Nicolas Cole!

You can read about my initial excitement in this Medium post. Now, we’re about two weeks into the daily content shipping process.

It’s simple but powerful:

  • You write/publish (aka ship) a daily 250-word atomic essay
  • You join a community of like-minded shippers
  • Through it all, you hone your digital writing skills

Am I Loving It? Yes, I’m Loving It!

I’m meeting cool people, receiving actionable feedback, and learning new writing tricks. I’ve been writing professionally since 2004. My writing and I grew up with the Internet! I’m a recovering broadcast journalist with a BU degree.

But I’m still learning new things from Dickie, Cole, and the other shippers.

Do Shippers Have To Use Typeshare?

No. Typeshare is optional, but you receive 35 free days of it through the Ship30 program. Their main goal is to teach you digital writing in an atomic way. Write a 250-word essay daily for 30 days. But—I must admit—Typeshare is awesome and addicting. I’ll keep using it once my free trial is up. I love the clean interface, the optional templates, and the analytics. I absolutely love how it makes it easy to write Twitter threads!

This was my first atomic essay

This will be no fun if I don’t show the progression from first to last atomic essay, so here’s the first one. I’ll begin posting the rest here on the blog. What a better way to showcase what kind of writer I am becoming!?

Posted 1/4/2022 to kick of 🚢 #Ship30for30 and the new year!

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