The Fearless 5 is Now on YouTube

I could also use about 980 more subscribers to my channel, so please subscribe!

Fearless 5 Podcast #206: How to Use FREE Online Courses To Pivot to a Marketing Career

One of my top video podcasts this month!

I’ve Improved My Video Editing Skills This Month

When January began, I knew nothing about how to create a video. I spent an entire Sunday frustrated and cursing, trying to figure out how to go from audio editor to video creator.

I have now mastered basic video editing skills!

As you can tell, I’m laying two audio tracks in with a graphic in Premiere.

It’s a start!

I can now do the entire Fearless 5 Podcast in just under three hours:

  • 5 Audio episodes (get ’em wherever you get your podcasts)
  • 5 video episodes for Anchor (which go to Spotify)
  • 5 video podcasts for YouTube

That’s 5 audio recordings I create, record, edit, and upload. Plus, I upload the videos (which I edit) to Anchor and YouTube. Then, I post the show notes on Destiny Architecture.

I Gained Two Major Skills This Month!

  • 🚢Ship30for30 — I have learned to much about digital writing in January using Typeshare and learning from the January ’22 cohort!
  • Basic Video Editing — I’m so glad I jumped in and powered through the initial frustration to learn this skill! Now, there’s a video version of the Fearless 5 Podcast on Spotify & YouTube!

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