Why Use Ghost? Here’s All The Stuff It Does!

I started a new site on Ghost so I could:

  1. Experiment with Ghost, which is open-source.
  2. I’ve wanted to bridge coaching & content for some time; this is a small step in that direction.

Check out my Ghost site in progress (as I like to build in public).

Why Ghost?

I’m experimenting to find out why.

My #ContentStorm experiment since 12/1/21 has brought me to a point where I am finding out what works for me and what doesn’t.

Patreon and Substack didn’t work out for me. Ghost replaces both. You can create a newsletter by subscription (free or paid), which replaces Substack. It also replaces Patreon because it gives you a membership site. Unlike Patreon, you’re not suck with its branding and Ghost doesn’t take a cut of your earnings.

Next Experiment: Trying Ghost for My Newsletters

I used to do a newsletter on Mail Chimp before I moved to ConvertKit. Then I found Revue, which made newsletters less laborious (but with fewer metrics available). I started a writing newsletter and saw how easy it was to drag and drop content I’d previously written on both Twitter and Medium.

I was sold.

That’s when I moved my email list for Destiny Architecture to Revue. Now I’ve been putting out two weekly newsletters during the entirety of my 90-day content storm!

Next week’s newsletters will be going out via Ghost. All I had to do was import each list and make labels for them to segment my audiences. (There are two now: Destiny Architecture for your life and for your business, the latter of which will be content-focused).

This is What Ghost Does On The Most Basic Plan

You can do a lot for $11/month. If you want to go hard and implement integrations, you’ll have to pay $25/month (obviously you’ll save on annual plans).

Yes, I checked; they don’t offer a way to migrate from Squarespace to Ghost at this time. Migrating to Ghost from Patreon is something they will help you do and they told me that would cost ~$300. Since I’ve already been repurposing that content to Medium, I decided not to do that.

But Ghost is open-source, so who knows what they’ll end up adding over time? I’m already loving my site. For the next cohort of Ship 30 for 30 in March, I’ll be experimenting with it.

If you’d like to join the March ’22 Ship 30 for 30 cohort, please consider using my affiliate link and I’ll see you on the ship!

Bonus: Writing in Ghost is much less clunky than writing in WordPress or Squarespace. It’s a much better experience! The interface just works.

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