Another Reason To Begin Before You’re Ready: You Open Yourself Up To Receiving Help

This is one of those unspoken etiquette things to know, but I’m going to speak it.

It needs to be said:

No one is going to reach out and help you unless they see that you’re trying.

Try First. Do The Work. Ask The Questions Later.

This is one idea that proves itself true to me over and over again.

For example, this 👇

Ultimately became this 👇
Please read Jordan’s initial essay that sparked all this and give him a follow!

Just because I’ve been video editing for three whole months now with a fledgling YouTube channel (with 19 subscribers) doesn’t mean I can’t ask for help! It actually means this is exactly what I should be doing! I don’t ever want to be the “smartest in the room” or unable to humble myself and ask for help.

I may have made a lot of videos so far—but I know I can do much better.

What’s The Lesson Here?

Jordan reached out to help me because he saw I’d put in time and effort.

I wasn’t just another noob asking 20 questions before ever trying to get some points on the board. I’d been making thumbnails! Not all were this bad, but that was my worst one. I continue posting 5 videos a week to YouTube with various thumbnails.

You have to just begin without knowing all the things first and remember there are no free lunches.

This is how this atomic essay was inspired 👇

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