The New Destiny Architecture Newsletter—About Personal Development For Content Creators—Is Off To A Good Start In Week One!

Let’s unpack how it went!

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Thanks to Ship 30 for making this possible in ever way! Aaron is a March Cohort Crew Mate and the process of daily shipping since January gave me this idea, aka, “helped me find my niche!”

The first week of this newsletter went well!

• The first sign-up of an idea target audience member!

• A 17% open rate!

• ZERO unsubscribes from a legacy list I’ve kept since 2014 😊

• One rave review!

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I put a TON of work into it!

I wrote it all of the week prior to its debut.

But I’ll be the first to tell you that spending hours on content won’t make it land. Work smarter, not harder. No one cares about the amount of work you put in. They just want to receive value.

This newsletter contained two exclusives for each intended audience:

  • I offered a download on how to reprogram your subconscious mind (worksheet) for the legacy list who love yoga, personal development, Reiki, and meditation.
  • For the new content creation/writing/solopreneur audience, I offered a Loom video showing how to evaluate companies that offer freelance writing gigs. It was a short-but-sweet video case study to help people spot green and red flags with a real gig of mine!

I also made promises about future content, which I’ll deliver in the next newsletter on Monday 4/11/22.

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For those who want receipts, here’s a screenshot from Ghost. (The -83% is because I stopped emailing myself as a tester because I realized that was throwing off the metrics).

This is what building in public means to me. I’ve shared plenty of losses. Today, I’m glad to share a win!

You can see the first newsletter from 4/4/22 and sign up here.

When you’re ready to receive coaching on any of the above, you can book here.

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