Writing Portfolio

Start on the portfolio page for writing samples and more about who I am, what I do now, and how I got here.

How to boost startup growth.

Check out this landing page + eBook for my own COMET Goals system.

I’m proud of this piece I wrote for YogiApproved.com about yoga for remote workers!

See my eBook that helps you declutter your home with a 30-day plan on Gumroad.

You can learn more about my coaching business, Destiny Architecture, here. I like to test out new tech, so there’s a second Ghost site for Destiny Architecture geared directly for those who are interested in personal development for content creators.

You can hire me to write your next Twitter thread.

My newsletter open rates are 20-58%!

I like to conduct content experiments online using social media. I publish results to my audience (with exclusives for subscribers). The best place to follow along for this is on Twitter @WriterHeatherL.

Get a quick taste of my conversational, down-to-earth style on Typeshare.

I specialize in social media content writing for B2B SaaS companies and broadcast writing of all forms—from commercials to TV news programs.

I’m always learning something new on Hubspot Academy, Google Skillship, The Ghost Creator Program, Ship 30, The Copy Writing Summit, or Saylor.org.

My marketing career began in radio, where I did old-school guerrilla marketing. Now, I get to work remotely from anywhere doing all forms of digital marketing! From SEO copywriting to social media marketing, I LOVE the online life.

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