The Most Engaging Atomic Essay Of All Time (So Far)

Of all the 150+ things I’ve written this year on Typeshare, this was my most engaging piece of writing. This atomic essay written during my first cohort of Ship 30, earned an engagement rate of 12.5%. Per Ship 30 standards, I should now double down on what worked here and write more of that.

Engagement rate 12.5%!

What worked here?

I had hundreds fewer Twitter followers. But that lead-in Tweet is perfect. It’s well-formatted, like the essay itself.

This is an easy read because it’s skimmable. It also hit a target—people who want to upskill in their marketing career.

The essay makes the subject seem both:

  1. Simple
  2. Doable because it’s FREE

This type of writing works well for me. I’m still waiting for someone to come back and say, “I got a Hubspot certification and a new job because of that thing you wrote in January!”

C’mon! I’m saving you $7,000 and helping you get a new career 😉

What are you waiting for? Book in my calendar and meet with me today!

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