Short-Form Video Is Where It’s At

Just thought I’d share some recent YouTube accomplishments. I owe it all to adopting short-form video! I wrote about it, if you’re interested.

July 2022 was a good month, but not as good as June 😉 There’s still time to hop on this organic reach game with YouTube shorts!
In January, I forced myself to learn to edit video. Those first videos were BAD. But I kept at it. 
Uploading 5 videos a week didn’t get me here. But I found YouTube Shorts after I had uploaded my first 100 videos! 

I haven’t been uploading podcasts all summer. I’ve only been experimenting with short-form video on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. While it may appear that my YouTube success is phenomenal, I am seeing the best reach on Instagram Reels right now.

Until next time, keep making stuff!

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