Have You Tried Zero-Click Content?

I have been calling this type of content by several names this year:

  • Native content
  • Micro content
  • Zero-click content

I think that last one is catching on in the marketing industry since I attended a SparkToro webinar about zero-click content.

The above photo is a Typeshare sub-atomic essay. It’s around 100 words long. I wrote it yesterday to allow myself to capture a thought worth sharing. I didn’t have time to write an entire blog.

No one has the time to read an entire blog anyway.

I shared this on Twitter (as Typeshare does automatically) and received a thoughtful response from a Twitter follower.

💥 Boom! Idea validated as good! I can keep pursuing it. Most importantly, I offered content that the follower got to consume without leaving the Twitter platform. This is why zero-click content is important right now.

Algorithms penalize us for taking users off the platform.

The idea is to create this zero-click content that’s clean and skimmable for attention spans that are shorter than ever. Your content has to be better than ever. Your job isn’t to write stuff—it’s to capture attention.

Here’s an example of the engagement you’re seeking 👇

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