Communicating in the TikTok Era: A Guide for B2B Marketers

Here’s part 2/2 in my series about TikTok marketing in B2B for Leadtail. ICYMI, part one is posted here.

If you’re a creator, I think TikTok can be worth a look. Personally, I’ve grown more interested in YouTube shorts right now for its monetization potential. I’m also concerned about TikTok’s longevity as it appears to be a target for the U.S. government right now. But all last week…my YouTube app for iOs was broken! I couldn’t upload a thing.

The moral of the story: don’t put all your eggs in one short-form video basket.

I’ve previously done a podcast about B2C in which my friend Ken Moskowitz shares some secrets about the TikTok algorithm 👇

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