How I Got Out of Inertia Three Years Ago

Storytime! Three years ago, I was stuck:

😡 Hated my dark apartment

😰 Gut-wrenching anxiety

😕 Felt like something was missing

3 years later, life is full of light 💡 and fulfillment.

I changed. The world 🌎 also changed. Here’s what this journey taught me about life. 🧵👇

Lesson #1: We own too many things. I had a dark apartment full of stuff. I got rid of it and found a better, smaller place full of light! ☀️ Adopting minimalism got me here!

Lesson #2: Dealing with anxiety. Anxiety affected my physical health & work! There are very few times I feel anxious now. The only difference between the two is my life looks (and feels) different! Thanks to 🧘 yoga, meditation, therapy, and EFT.

Lesson #3: Nothing was missing. I felt like it was, but I just wasn’t focused on the right things. Now, I’m focused on only what adds value to my life 🤗 What changed? I experienced a shift in mindset towards spending time on only what I love.

Lesson #4: I wanted so bad to be where I am now—a remote worker. I wasn’t focused on enjoying the journey 🛫 I’m now happy to be a remote worker! But in hindsight, there was no rush. What changed? I’ve learned patience.

Lesson #5: One’s inner circle is important ⭕ I was “friends with everyone.” I now keep a small, tight circle. They’re dependable. What changed? My circle is smaller—but better.

TL;DR – 5 lessons learned in the past 2 years: • Minimalism feels amazing • Proper tools reduce anxiety • Focus on what adds value to your life • Appreciate where you are. Have patience. • Keep a small, tight circle.

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