Why + How You Should Do Your Own 90-Day #ContentStorm

On December 1, 2021, I started a 90-day #ContentStorm in which I’d “storm” the Internet with my content for 90 days. Here’s how you do it: 

Every single day, you write something online. 

It doesn’t matter where you publish it, just that you publish it. 

It Doesn’t Matter How Long The Writing Is

But you’ll get farther faster in publishing shorter things daily just for feedback, rather than spend a ton of time writing long pieces. 

Even data is feedback. 

Photo by Min An on Pexels.com

Committing to the Process Will Change You In The Best Ways

Committing to writing daily for 90 days forces you to face your niche. Who are you as a writer? 

You’re going to find out when you commit to a 90-day practice of writing—and publishing—online. 

While there may be nothing special about your writing initially, the more you stick with this process, the more you stand out. That’s because…

Most People Can’t or Won’t Do a 90-Day Run Writing Online

The fact that you do this will make you stand out. 

Whether or not you have an idea each day, you write. Whether the piece sucks or not? You still write. 

You will push through so much self-doubt and get over whatever story you’re telling yourself about daily writing. 

Does the Idea of 90 Days Terrify You? 

Start with 7. Then, when you’re done and feel great, push it to 30. 

But don’t hedge—go for the biggest, scariest number you can start with. Doing 30 is amazing. I picked 90 to get me through winter. It’s cold where I live! May as well stay in and write! 

But commit. Do it now before you change your mind. Only growth awaits.

Search my own 2021-2022 Content Storm by looking up—you guessed it—#ContentStorm!

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