Writing Daily Changes Your Writing Habits—From Tech Stack to Personal Growth

Whenever things change, it’s probably because they need to. 

Let’s add writing habits to that. 

Here’s how my writing habits changed during my first 90 days of writing online—and how you may seek to change yours. 

I Realized Quickly I Hadn’t Been Using Ulysses At All

At one time, this was a must to organize my many ideas. 

But I noticed I’d barely opened it since writing daily. 

I decided to go through every folder and save what’s still useful and throw out the rest. I moved everything from Ulysses to Scrivener, which organized my ideas better.

How You May Seek Change: You probably don’t need “extra” software for writing now that there’s so much available: Google Workspace, Typeshare, Tana, Grammarly, Notion, Notes, etc. But—one of these could be what you need to get organized!

Photo by Judit Peter on Pexels.com

There’s No “Right” Time of Day to Write

Everyone has a different take on what the best time of day is for writing. 

My best time for writing is when I wake up and before my coffee cools. But that doesn’t void other times of day for me—or anyone else.

How You May Seek Change: The right time of day to write is whatever time works for you. Don’t listen to the haters about p.m. writing.

The Best Habit Change of All? 

I stopped writing into the void. I write online for instant feedback and analytics. 

I no longer write alone. 

I made writer friends in Ship30, got feedback, and even found some critics. Now that’s personal growth! 

How You May Seek Change: No matter where you choose to write online, make sure you have built-in analytics to back it up. Some choices: WordPress, Squarespace, Typeshare, Twitter, and Medium.

If you purchase from my Typeshare affiliate link, I’ll make a few bucks!

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