This Week in B2B Social

This is last week’s news, technically. We’ve made a bunch of these at Leadtail to good reception and I realized I hadn’t shared them here yet.

I’ve been a bit busy there and with growing the membership of, the act of posting here slipped my mind.

A little backstory on my news life

Sound the GenX alarm because I got into news on 9/11/01 as the biggest news story of my lifetime (at that point) happened live during my morning show on KZZP Phoenix. (I still have the audio from that day, thanks to Kid!) I knew on that day I would become a journalist…somehow. My program director instantly decided I’d be one that week.

The broadcast journalism life took me across Arizona before I decided to get into being a morning show personality again. I moved to Wichita, Kansas, where I worked for four years on KDGS before leaving for the addiction field. (I had to work out a non-compete clause). As soon as I was able, I began anchoring news at KFDI for a few years before leaving to produce a Fox show at KAKE-TV.

To this day, I either find news or it finds me. It’s no surprise I became the designated news anchor at Leadtail!

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