About Heather Larson

Heather Larson

I’m a freelance writer, content creator, social media marketer, certified coach, and meditation teacher.

I’ve been writing professionally since the late 90sโ€”my first freelance gig was reviewing an Italian restaurant in Berkeley back when the Internet was young and I still ate gluten. After bouncing around radio, TV, and the addiction field, I found my way back to freelancing. Now I write B2B social media content, blog posts, and guest posts. I also specialize in writing content about coaching, Reiki, meditation, and yoga.

Take a peek at my writing samples at my online portfolio here and read the backstory here.

I host a podcast called Destiny Architecture in which I offer brief shows with actionable tips or interview others about how they became the architects of their own destinies. I also created a meditation podcast for subscribers in 2023.

My friends and colleagues often come to me for help with creating their online content. I love coaching content creators! Everyone has a gift to share but the road to sharing it can be rough. Often we need to get out of our own way in order to create. For help getting unstuck, I offer coaching.

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