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  • I write data-driven content for the web and social media.
  • I’m a 100% freelance remote worker (currently on U.S. Central time). 
  • I specialize in B2B content 


More Details On What I Do

I write for a startup that works with startups (my main gig). We work with B2B SaaS enterprises creating 🔥 social media content.

I joined the January, March, and April ’22 cohorts of 🚢 #Ship30for30! You can follow along on Typeshare.

🎉Enjoy free 30-day Typeshare trial AND 50% off for 3 months! 

On December 1, 2021 I began a 90-day Content Storm (which turned into 150+ consecutive days of writing online) in which I will write and publish my work daily to the internet somewhere. This post explains how I’m doing this to see what consistency does for growing my audience.

I’m still writing daily and the #ContentStorm reached day #163 on 5/12/22!

What I Can Do For You 

I offer traditional and professional writing due to my background in journalism. This experience intersects with modern digital writing skills, content strategy, social media, and all other forms of data-driven writing and content creation. 

I can write content of any length or form.

I’m also familiar with audio editing, video editing, podcasting, commercial writing, SEO web copy, blogs, micro blogs, atomic essays, sub-atomic essays, Twitter threads, and TikTok. 

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Who is Heather Larson? 

A location-independent, remote-working, freelance writer specializing in content creation, strategy, and repurposing. 

I currently specialize in B2B enterprise SaaS social media content! Most often, I write about cybersecurity, AI, time-series databases, k8s, and open-source software. 

I have a BLS from Boston University; a 100-hour transformational life coaching certification from SIWHA in Tempe; several marketing certifications (see below); and am currently completing my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training and 100-hour meditation teacher training. 

I run a Bitcoin ⚡️ lightning node on Umbrel and you should too in order to contribute to the health of the network and become self-sovereign. Also, Bitcoin. 

I worked in radio and TV broadcasting and consider myself a recovering journalist. I still have those skills but no one seems to want them! 😉 

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You can also follow along here + @WriterHeatherL on Twitter, #ContentStorm

My first-ever article about yoga in 2021 appeared on YogiApproved.com: “Work From Home? These 5 Online Yoga Classes Cover All Your Needs!” Read about the practices can benefit you as a remote worker.

Writing Samples, Blogs, and Other Content


Babka Krusinski’s Kolacki Recipe Leaves Me Asking Questions

3 Ways Yoga Promotes Well Being This International Day of Yoga 2021

[Podcast Recap] 5 Ways To Get Past Your FEARS of Being Seen & Showing Up


6 Ways Yoga Helped Me Through COVID-19 


I’m Now Officially Certified In Social Media Marketing

How to Find FREE Digital Marketing Courses To Help Your Career

Today We Celebrate Wincenty Zadzielka’s Arrival To The United States

Ionis Slates Clinical Trial For Late 2022

How To Clear Mental Clutter In Three Steps

Reiki Regulation — Is It a Good or a Bad Thing?

Anchor’s new feature with WordPress integration is awesome!

The Most Subtle Takeaway From the Billie Eilish documentary You May Have Missed on Medium.

Why “Rare Disease Day” is problematic for families carrying genetic mutations of CJD. Read the Cure CJD blog.

How I Got My Instagram Profile Back After It Was Mistakenly Memorialized — Plus, What I Learned From The experience. Read the blog post here

I am now a COVID-19 Survivor. Read the blog post here.

All my life coaching, Reiki, and personal development blogs on Destiny Architecture are easy to find in the archive.


I will write a bio for your website.

I will write you a blog post.


Google Analytics through May 3, 2022. See the certificate here.

Hubspot Content Marketing Certified.

Hubspot Email Marketing Certification.

Hubspot SEO Certified.

Hubspot Social Media Marketing Certification.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in the Workplace 14-hour Certification from University of South Florida Muma College of Business.

ConvertKit Landing Pages 

How to Conduct a Digital Detox — Free Workbook

How to Tackle Anxiety and Worry Less — Free Workbook

8 Easy Questions To Help You Declutter Your Home — Free Worksheet

Newsletter Writing Examples

How To Clear Mental Clutter + Suriving covid

Celebrating Spring — Free Life Coaching Worksheet Inside

Should Reiki Be Regulated

Destiny Architecture is BACK + A REEBIE Inside

Online Teaching


Interested in something not posted here? 

Please email for copies of documents I have edited as an editor; podcast scripts; broadcast news writing for television & radio at: TheWriterHeather [at] ProtonMail [dot] com. 

I can send sample podcasts I did from 2007 for the now defunct music festival website, MelodyTrip.com. I covered music festivals like “Country Thunder” in Florence, Arizona as well as news about music festivals all over the world. I can send audio files via WeTransfer. Contact: TheWriterHeatherLarson [at] ProtonMail [dot] com.  

Writing Samples (Before 2021)

Can you trust a man who has a shower in his office? Published 2015 on the former TasteTablet.com. Read it here. For this article, I was hired to write a lifestyle-oriented piece targeted towards a young female demo. 

Some highlights from some of the news I covered on-air and online for KFDI News in 2019:

A fatal accident kills two family members of local musician, Jenny Wood, complete with photo taken by a colleague.

Severe weather coverage on May 5, 2019

Wichitans Observe the “Murph Challenge” on Memorial Day

Couple recounts water rescue from Riverfest

Consumer deals & freebies for Halloween (graphics by me)

Online Feature Writing

Before I worked in TV news, I wrote online features freelance for HalogenTV.com in 2010-2011. This article is about an Iraq War Veteran walking across the U.S., whom I interviewed when he passed through Phoenix. 

This one is about celebrities raising money for kids with autism.

Here, I talked with country music singer Jimmy Wayne about his walk across America to raise awareness about kids aging out of the foster care system at 18.

In my writing and broadcasting career, I’ve always found opportunities for altruism and highlighting non-profit work. I also did 4.5 years of non-profit work in Kansas as a para-social worker for Substance Abuse Center of Kansas. 

Online Feature Writing — Music

Songwriter Kenny Nolan Talks About Writing “Lady Marmalade,” “My Eyes Adored You” And Other Hits. Read here.

An online review of Mana for Batanga.com — written in English by me as you see here — and later translated to Spanish. Still working on learning my Spanish! They sat music journalists front row for this one and it was still one of the most unforgettable concert experiences of my life. That was the day I became a fan. 

Online niche writing gigs

This was a fun, regular gig for CNET’s Webshots.com in which I wrote extremely short pieces. They were heavy on pop culture and links to help build up Webshots.com.

Cultural Criticism

The Most Subtle Takeaway From the Billie Eilish documentary You May Have Missed on Medium

Magazine Writing 

I did a “How I Went Veg” piece for Veg News Magazine here.

Krav Maga for fitness & self-defense for Sweat Magazine.

Cycling competition coverage for Sweat Magazine.

Newspaper writing: 

Here’s a sample of business writing I did for the Westerly Sun newspaper in Connecticut

Cultural Criticism:

The Most Subtle Takeaway From the Billie Eilish documentary You May Have Missed on Medium

More Writing samples:


Blogging at my Life Coaching and Reiki Site, DestinyArchitecture.com.

Science & Health writing at CURECJD.wordpress.com 

Blogging my journey to Polish Citizenship at AspiringExpat.com

Writing Samples from 2015: TasteTablet.com and Inside.com, the latter of which was a startup where we worked on a new way to deliver news. 

There's Inside.com, and also the Inside mobile app for iOs, Android and Blackberry.
There’s Inside.com, and also the Inside mobile app for iOs, Android and Blackberry.

A blog for Reiki

You Deserve Reiki — (Parked since 2018) a blog about Usui Reiki and energy healing that supports my practice and teaching in Wichita, KS. But replaced with DestinyArchitecture.com, which is a definite glow-up. 

Here I am with my "You Deserve Reiki" booth at the Alternative & Holistic Fair in Park City, KS, March 2015.
Here I am with my “You Deserve Reiki” booth at the Alternative & Holistic Fair in Park City, KS, March 2015.

A blog for everything else

Everything Heather — (parked since 2015) My long-running blog about whatever I am interested in at the time. Over the years that has included marathon running and music journalism. I often blogged there about pop culture, food and post videos I make about my life or cat.

There is also this blog you’re reading now. 

The Writer Heather blog will be used for me to talk about my latest writing adventures, projects and progress.

Writing can strike any and everywhere! Anytime!
Writing can strike any and everywhere! Anytime!

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