Why journaling matters

Why does journaling matter? Why would you even question this? I’m a writer! Without a doubt, I understand the value of the journaling habit. At least I thought I did until yesterday. I truly learned the priceless value of journaling yesterday. Which makes me seem somewhat hypocritical, to be honest. I tell everyone to journal.…… Continue reading Why journaling matters

#Writemotivation for September 2013!

#Writemotivation for September 2013! The last two months are a blur, but it's time to settle this restless butt back into my writing seat. Let's get some #Writemotivation going with my friend, colleague, and fellow Kansas Writers Association board member, K.T. Hanna! Writers, sign up at the link provided in this post. Otherwise, it's time… Continue reading #Writemotivation for September 2013!