If I Had To Do Content Creation, Blogging, and Organic Marketing for My Own Small Business All Over Again…

My philosophy is to put yourself out there, test content, and then study analytics. Metrics are often my boss, but I never lose sight of the human beings I serve. 

How to make a video go viral

I guess I’m just in a marketing mood today.  People were re-tweeting this piece earlier on Twitter about how to make a video go viral.  As a budding video creator myself, my ears perked up.  It’s an interesting take on the viral secrets of success. I’ve been making a few videos while on the air…… Continue reading How to make a video go viral

Shedding some light on how PPM works

Found this great article today about how Arbitron makes PPM happen.  I know it has little to do with writing.  But many writers also happen to just kind of fall into sales and marketing, so I thought it was worthy to share on the blog.  I’m a writer who also works in radio, in fact,…… Continue reading Shedding some light on how PPM works