Check out this new feature from Anchor Podcasts in partnership with WordPress!

Anchor podcasts just launched a new feature with WordPress offering integration for podcasts. I meant to get to it all week, mistakenly thinking it was just some kind of new widget that would allow me to embed an anchor podcast into one of my existing WordPress sites with one click or no clicks — or whatever. I was so wrong — and that is so great!

I clicked a button on my Anchor dashboard and in mere minutes I had a full-on website for the Fearless 5 podcast! It automatically put all my podcasts online as a stand-alone site. Check it out.

This was something I had been thinking about doing somehow, but I knew it would be a ton of work to post them individually on the main website I plug during the podcast. Plus, imagine how much that could slow down the loading time. I also have more Fearless 5 podcasts now than I’ve actually counted. I started recording them in August of 2019.

I have been working on a re-launch lately; I got COVID in January and couldn’t record, making it the perfect time to revisit old episodes. I’ve created the podcast its own Twitter. I started analyzing its data. There’s more, but that will be for a later time. So imagine my pleasant surprise when I saw today that the Anchor/Wordpress integration was better than I had assumed it was!

Now I can purchase a URL for the new site I created and even turn it into a blog if I want to. I can link to the URL I just made from my main site to give my audience another option for consuming the podcast.

Will it help bring me results? Only time will tell… I’ll let you know.

There’s also a feature for bloggers to use text-to-speech to convert written content into podcasts, so it works both ways.

Genius work from Anchor & WordPress! I’ve enjoyed using Anchor for the past year and half as the host for Fearless 5. It does most of the work for me, hosting my podcast to eight different places. All I have to do is the fun stuff — create the podcast and record it. They make it easy for anyone to make a podcast even if you aren’t like me and have been editing audio for more than 20 years. This new feature makes me even happier I chose Anchor to host and distribute my podcast.

The power of blogging

I have this friend who has the ultimate slash career.  He’s a teacher/radio DJ/wrestling ring announcer/wedding DJ/comedian/actor/small business owner/entrepreneur.  He’s doing pretty well with his businesses but he has a new one he wants to spread the word about.  But he says he doesn’t know how.  I told him he needs to go online to market this new business, called Arizona Top Secret Chefs.  I explained to him that a good blog with a few SEO tricks thrown in could help drive traffic to his site.  I told him to get on Twitter and Facebook.

I also told him that blogging opens up a whole world of fun.  You blog and people find you.  You can blog about something obscure like CJD as I do.  My Cure CJD blog has helped quite a few people get in touch with me as they lost someone to the disease or afterwards.  Sometimes people comment on the blog, other times they email me privately.  It makes me feel good that I can help someone else find answers and that I can share my experience.  I shouldn’t have had to suffer through watching my mom die of that horrific disease for no reason; my words can help others.  Emailing with complete strangers about the disease still helps me heal to this day.

Promoting my blog posts on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn helps get some page views.  But I find on my blogs that people come across them because they’re looking for a certain topic I have written about.  It always amazes me what gets the most page views over a period of time.  The analytics WordPress provides on each of my blogs are fascinating.

So I encourage anyone to blog about their business, passion in life, or just the life they live.  One of my friends has a blog about expat life in Germany that I love to read because of her stories about adjusting to German life.  She posts tons of travel information and great photos.  You really get the feel for what her new life in the country is like.  The blog also helps her to keep in touch with family and friends back home.  Sure, you could post the same stuff on Facebook.  But at the end of the experience, will Facebook provide you with the same kind of “scrapbook” a blog will?  Probably not.  Your photos and experiences will be buried in everyone’s Farmville and Mafia Wards updates.

I use my blogs to show that I can blog, that I do blog, and though it should be obvious — I know how to blog. Journalism pays the rent, but it’s not all I know how to do.  I began blogging in my SEO content writing days with my first blog about CJD.  I’m not just a journalist or a radio on-air personality.  I’m a journalist and DJ who can blog too! But it doesn’t matter what line of work you’re in.  You’ll probably find yourself blogging at some point.  Maybe you’ll have to be the public, expert face your company puts on a blog.  Maybe you’re like my friend who wants a new way to promote his business.  But give it a try.  It can’t hurt and you don’t need any prior experience to do it.  Do you have ideas to share?  Can you write and use spellcheck?  Go for it!